Quarter 2 Class Notes and Worksheets

November 7/8

In class, we discussed what it means for something to be literary and posed the question about whether or not a graphic novel could be literary.

Assigned text: American Born Chinese by Gene Yang
Previewed text and started reading.

1. Read pages 23-84. Use two sticky notes and mark two places in the text that warrant discussion.
2. Answer the questions on the homework document.
Follow the following links to help you answer the questions:

November 10/11

In class, we discussed the first section of reading. We talked about thematic implications, symbolism, and character development.
We were introduced to sequential art terminology and analyzed the effect of the sequential patterns on the meaning of the text.
Types of Sequential Patterns:
1. Moment-to-Moment
2. Action-to-Actoin
3. Subject-to-Subject
4. Scene-to-Scene
5. Aspect-to-Aspect
6. Non-sequitur

1. Read pages 85-130. Use two sticky notes and mark two places in the text that warrant discussion.
2. Complete worksheet given in class. Find examples of each type of sequential pattern and describe the effects of these patterns. What do they emphasize? Character, conflict, emotion, tone, mood, setting?

November 14/15

Discussed Effects of Transitions
Class Discussion
1. Finish the book
2. 1 page essay analyzing sequential transitions. See worksheet.

November 16/17

Class Discussion
Study Guide

1. Test Friday/Monday



Thanksgiving Break: November 23(2 hour early dismissal), November 24, November 25 (No School)

November 28/29

Webquest: Islamic Revolution in Iran Background (scroll to the bottom of the page and download the document.)


November 30/December 1

Today we worked on practicing for the IOC. The IOC will happen in the next 2 weeks. In order to feel comfortable with gathering evidence and developing a thesis within a time constraint, we practiced in groups to do the aforementioned activities.

Homework: read page 26-46. No worksheet today, but BE PREPARED for a reading quiz!

December 2/5

Today we practiced on gathering evidence, developing a thesis, creating an outline, and speaking to a partner to better prepare for the IOC.

Homework: read page 47-79 Commentary Outline Document: (If you need it)
Choose any chapter from the aforementioned pages. Then, you will create a commentary outline.
To do this, create an authentic IOC preparation experience: be in a quiet space, choose a chapter, set a timer to 40 minutes to do the following: PLEASE WRITE DOWN YOUR START AND STOP TIME.
  1. Read/Re-read your passage (5 minutes-ish)
  2. Noting anything significant (10 minutes-ish)
  3. Finding a common thread in your evidence and create an overarching thesis (5 minutes-ish)
  4. Organize your ideas into a commentary outline (20 minutes-ish)

December 6/7

Today we used the outline you did for homework and practiced speaking and recording ourselves.
We also looked at the rubric that will be used for the final IOC (which is next class!)
Homework: read page 80-102!

December 8/9


Homework: None. Be a Kid.

December 12/13

Today we examined elements of a "Coming of Age" narrative. We also talked about the layers of narrative Satrapi uses to tell her story of "not forgetting." We analyzed the use of 3 distinct "voices" that correspond to the levels of narration.

Homework: Read p. 103-125
Be ready for a short reading quiz

December 14/15

Homework: Have book finished by next class

December 16/19

Homework: 1-2 Page Essay

December 20/21

Essay Due
Persepolis TEST

December 22

Video - Persepolis

Christmas Break: December 23-January 2 (No School)


Video - Persepolis


Today students received their IOC scores. They were able to listen to their own scores, grade themselves, and then review my grade for them using the same rurbic. Students wrote a written reflection on their experience with the IOC process and their satisfaction with their grades. You can find the rubric and reflection sheet here:

We also looked at expectations for the Midterm Exam which will be on Friday 1/6 for A day and Monday 1/9 for B day.
Find the review sheet and explanation of assessment here:

January 6/9


January 10/11

Finished Midterm as it took longer than anticipated.
Homework: Complete Worksheet about Robert Louis Stevenson and Anticipation Guide

January 12/13

History of the Victorian Era in London: Check out this power point
Homework: Close read one poem on the worksheet and write a paragraph explaining what this poem reveals about Victorian thought/perspective:

MLK Day January 16 NO SCHOOL

January 17/18 Benchmark Test for the County

Tuesday: 2A, 3A Benchmark Test
Wednesday: 1B, 4B Benchmark Test
Thursday: 1A, 4A Benchmark Test
Friday, 2B, 3B Benchmark Test

On the day you have class: You will get the following documents:
1) Reading Schedule & Plot Chart:
2) Character Analysis Chart:
3) Setting Analysis Chart

Homework: Read "Story of the Door" through "The Search for Mr. Hyde." Add information to your character charts. You should have information on the following characters: Mr. Utterson, Richard Enfield, Hyde, Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Lanyon